Memo Match - On the, trucks & planes! Read More
One of our all time faves - the ever popular mix up game. Brilliant woodland characters - Mr Fox, Mr Badger, Mr Rabbit & their friends. Mix up the heads, bodies & legs to make 100's of crazy creatures!! Read More

Memory, memo, match even it what you will - this is a good old fashioned game for all ages!

Perfect for toddlers to bigger kids ...with our wonderful illustrations it will even keep parents happy!!

Great for quiet moments in school holidays...or should we say HOPED for quiet moments!! 

GLOTTOGON Fairy tales memo game 

Super excited to intro you to our Ocean Domino - the newest title in our fave Domino collection. Fabulous artwork by Ilana Exelby - love!!

Our popular domino games are beautifully illustrated to hold kids attention while they learn and they teach too...

Why domino? See below for a really great insight into how domino can assist with kids learning numbers, early counting & basic math. Yep...and they are fun too :)

Totally agree!

Art is great for of the reasons we work closely with talented artists to create kids games & puzzles which not only teach motor skills but also grow imaginations. 

More to read here

So excited to see our existing & new customers at Life in Style.

August 4-7 Melbourne

Stand K108 - same location as always :)

...only 1 sleeps to go :) :)

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Black Friday!

November 26, 2015


The craziest day of the year is coming...


and we thought it would be rude not to join in!! So easy to use & use as many times as you would like - all day until midnight November 27 2015

Just enter blackfriday2015  at checkout to receive a super 20% discount storewide

Happy shopping - enjoy!!

Launching our fall new products next week. So excited to introduce our new Mix Up games, Lotto games & Junior Puzzles for age 5 years and 6 years+. Fabulous new themes - Woodland, Little Miss Mix Up games. Ballet, Market and Animal Lotto, Masked Ball & Woodland Tea Party Junior puzzles, Crazy Science & Town Junior puzzles.

Happy days!! 

The design & illustration part of new products is the best part of my job..however the very fave part is seeing the samples "in real life" as Miss 5 would say - for the very first time! I am beyond excited this week as I await our new puzzles!! :) More soon x