What's with the name?

We get asked often about the name of our company...not really surprising as it is a little odd, not quite the norm!   So today I thought I would share how Glottogon came to be...

It seemed that I had spent forever dreaming up a name for our business...one that would be different, memorable and at the same time mean something special, unique, a splendid new word for our super, new business.

Simply - I was playing with the kids one evening and I heard my husband speaking with his Mamma. His family are Greek they don't really talk quietly... it's kind of a festive, happy shout to and from each of them at ALL times - they don't whisper, they usually speak loudly, they often just yell! Anyway back to our name...I heard a weird phrase in their chatter, one that I liked, one that would work, one that I wasn't familiar with - I put it into that quiet corner (actually it's not at all quiet, it is full of madly competing priorities and new ideas?!!) of my head where I save up moments for after the kids are asleep and went back to child wrangling. Secretly giving myself a super high five - knowing this would be the word, the one which could work, finally! And so ...the bundle of Greek words turned into GLOTTOGON - it more or less means "the beginning of the story" or "about a new generation".

I think it is apt, certainly unique and I hope you agree - a little bit special!     


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