Pin, Pin, Pin

Ok I realise that I am a little (truly the tortoise of!) slow on the uptake however I have started to display compulsive tendencies when dealing with our Pinterest page. I am truly consumed by the power of the Pin!

It started quite innocently - a gentle update of our page - make sure all our new kids' puzzles & games were being represented as we wanted...add a few pre-schooler craft ideas, some great treats and cookies and then BAM! I was addicted. So much so that I spent hours looking through millions (probably not!) of images. I lusted after a whole host of different wonderful designs & products.

I should have been prepared - after all - I have always been a junkie of great imagery. I was a 20 something in the era of madly, glamorous glossy mags - living in London, England and working in fashion meant I was surrounded by beautiful photographs and I LOVED them all. I practically inhaled anything that looked like a mag...I read everything I could find. Even junk mail worked if the image was good!

And you know I MISS IT. The surge of expectation when you open the pages of the new edition, the beautiful artwork, the dramatic location shots - how it filled me with wanderlust & love of great design. So I have resolved not to fight my new love - I just need to find the time...

The only thing to do is swap the gym for an extra hour pinning - I think it could balance me better than yoga - just got to stop eating chocolate whilst I'm pinning...mmm!

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