Daydream Believer

I daydream a lot - even today when my time is very precious I still do that spare 20 seconds between school pick up and home or the moment just after all the kids sleep when the house is sooo quiet -  at least for a second! I have always loved the optimism of dreams, the wonder of why things are as they are or how the could be different. 

So why am I sharing this? Well because Glottogon is one of my dreams - I hope that you fall in love with our products as I do, enjoy watching your kids have fun with our playthings and appreciate the passion I feel each time I see a new sample for the first time. Life as a little (growing) business can be a torrid journey, much like the traditional fairy tales I loved as a child. It is also full of wonderful fun, nonsense and chaos which is exactly how I get to live my dream each day!  

Thanks for popping by - have a look around - I hope you like what I dream!


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