Animal Lotto

Can you find the tiles you need to complete your Lotto playboard. 

All you need to do is find your tile - it's not too hard we promise!

Not your tile? That's ok, place it back in play - remember where it is for next time!

The other players may need it & now they know where it is!

First to complete their playboard wins!! And then Let's play again!!

4 playboards

24 tiles

age  4 years+

Artist Silvia Cheung


Instructions are included in each set however just in case they go missing here they are below!

Let’s Play

  • Each player chooses 1 playboard if playing with 4 players.
  • With 2 players choose 2 playboards each.
  • Place all the round tiles face down on the floor or table.
  • The youngest player takes the first turn.
  • Choose 1 round tile and turn it face up.
  • Does it match a picture on your playboard?
  • If so they place the round tile on the top of its matching picture and keep it.
  • If not…place the round tile back in play, face down.
  • Remember where it is so you don’t choose it again.
  • The next player then takes their turn.
  • Does it match? YES!! Then keep it. If not…then place it back in play, face down.
  • Now it is the next player’s turn. And so on…
  • The winner is the player who matches all 6 of their round tiles to their playboard first.
  • What to do once there is a winner?
  • Don’t stop there – keep playing until all players match their round tiles to their playboards.
  • And then begin again!!


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